If you feel that you can’t concentrate and have brain fog , you don’t remember certain details (what you did yesterday, where you put the keys), it means that it’s time to take a stand and do something about it. Find out which foods help your central nervous system function properly:


The human body is made up of 70% water, and the central nervous system needs to be hydrated. The brain has only 2% water, but in order to sustain this percentage, it needs 20% of the nutrients you consume.


It contains good omega-3 fats, which are a source of energy for the central nervous system, help regulate emotions and mood.


Blueberries contain anthocyanins (antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances), which slow down the aging of central nervous system cells, preventing neurodegenerative diseases (e.g. Parkinson’s).

Green leafy vegetables

They contain a large amount of folate (eg lettuce, spinach), with a role in supporting cognitive function, a balanced emotional state and prevent depression.


There are many reasons why they are good for the central nervous system they contain fatty acids, vitamins B6 and B 12, folate, choline, which help with memory and cognitive function.


It contains vitamin K and a lot of antioxidants that prevent aging and memory loss.


Omega-3 fatty acids from salmon (and sardines) help the cognitive function of the central nervous system.

Nuts and seeds

Walnuts improve cognitive function, memory and slow down aging due to their omega-3 content.

Black chocolate

Consume dark chocolate to increase your ability to concentrate and balance your emotional state. It also helps maintain the function of the taste buds and the blood circulation in the central nervous system.